Technology and Ailing India


Hello excellent people ! Today at tecxllent we are not going to enunciate about any latest news or leaks. We are not going to review any mobile phone or application. Today we are here to discuss current state of India and how technology can improve it. So let’s begin.

We live in the 21st century where we don’t need alarm clock because we have our mobile phones. We don’t need watch because we have mobile phones. We don’t need physical notepad because we have memo in our mobile phones. And we don’t even need TV because we have mobile phones. CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA (CA) and FACEBOOK are being accused to affect the presidency election result of USA. Sources revealed they used technology in all these. Technology has multiplied its utilisation over time. So can’t we use this technology for the betterment of our nation ? Condition of India is getting worse in few matters such as safety of women and unemployment. Widening gap between rich and poor is all time high. Specifically talking about women safety and physical harassment, now in India even a 5 year old girl who has no sense of this cruel world is getting raped. Evil minded rapists didn’t even spare a girl in diaper.

And politicians are busy in discussing whether their coalition with other party is good or not. This is the current situation in India. Indian media is even worse. They are only interested in caste and religion of victim and criminal. Each time we can witness news like Hindu girl was raped by a muslim beside Gurudrawa ( No offence to anyone, just an example). Our news feed is filled with Kathua rape case and Unnao rape case. But such things only remain for few days. Rapists are freely roaming and government is not giving any shit ! Saudi have such strict laws against rape that one will think thousands time before committing it. Now moving toward unemployment, India is the new unemployment hub. People are not able to get jobs. Isn’t it a waste of able workforce ? If all the unemployed candidate are given chance India would emerge as a global leader soon. Generally we connect unemployment and over population. But we analysis it, we will realize it can be also handled. It might appear farce for some people and overpopulation can be controlled using technology. Now if we move toward another sector we will observe India spend a major part of its earning on defence sector still the later is not happy because India is not utilizing technology available.

This is the high time when YOUTH and TECHNOLOGY need to come and play in the mainstream. Rape cases can be controlled technology. Different apps were launched by government for women safety because it lacks in technology somewhere. We need to fix it. Technology can be used at a big scale to catch rapists and award justice to victims. We have the access to social networking sites. We can utilize this in a good way rather than mentioning our friends. If we stand together and raise our voice against such issues using social networking sites, government will be pressurize. They will be liable to take strict actions. If the government can change currency overnight why can’t it change the law to punish the rapists? Moving toward unemployment, using technology we can tackle. Growing technology needs more able persons. If technology is advanced, it can soak unemployment to a great extent. One fine example is blogging as it is picking pace more and more persons are self employed. They also earn a good living. Government have taken many initiatives to control population but still its plan failed. People hesitate to go to a drug shop and ask for condoms. They feel shy. No problem at all, using technology it can be tackled. Shops can offer home delivery of drugs and medicines. It will also soak some unemployment and can control overpopulation too. Farmers can go online to sell their harvest as they are not getting good price in offline market. Here also technology plays a Important role . Hence suicide cases of farmers can be reduced.

There are many ways to tackle all these problems and social evils prevailing in our society. We just need a view, a vision and a dream to transform our country. Above mentioned steps and ideas are just for example. If we think over it we can come up with more appropriate and reliable methods and techniques. So today we would like to make an appeal to all the people out their to think about this issue and to realize the urgency and necessity of technology. Lets come up together to fight against all the odds and save India.

So that’s all guys. Share your views in the comment section below. And remember you are excellent because you choose tecxllent! This is Rahul Ranjan, signing off !


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