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Excellent people Let’s build a PC IN 10000 Indian Rupees on tecxllent so yeah!! Without waste anymore time let’s get started!!

Let’s build a PC under 10000 Rupees, building PC under 10K might seem like an impossible task in this age but if you’re on a very tight budget and cannot spend more than ten thousand then you have come to the right place.

So guys if you want to use this PC for Office and home  it will give a decent performance. This PC build is great for watching movies, office work and browsing the internet, it will do all these tasks without any lag. If you want to play modern games then this build is not for it, modern games require very high Graphics memory and good processing power,so you need to add a graphics card. However you can play basic games like (CS, GTA Vice City) and browser based games without any troubles.

We are going to use Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3 GHz processor, its an old model but still performs well and we will match it with G31 motherboard by Zebronics. For RAM we are using 2 GB DDR2 RAM by Dolgix and for storage we have used Seagate 1 TB internal HDD which is a great value for money.

Parts for our PC Build under Rs 10000

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo processor 700 Motherboard:  Zebronics motherboard ZEB G31 Rs.2090
  • RAM:Dolgix 2 GB ddr2  RAM 800   
  • Hard Disk :Seagate  1 TB HDD 3500  SMPS: Enter E500 Rs.620
  • Cabinet: Artis, iBall or Intex  ATX cabinet ( costs less than  Rs 1000 ) buy it from a local store.
  • Mouse :Logitech B100 Rs.250, HP X1000 290
  • Keyboard:Amkette Xcite  Neo Rs 400
  • Total Cost: 9400 (without KB & mouse it costs only Rs 8710)


If you want to lower the cost further you can opt for a Zebronics Micro ATX Cabinet which comes for Rs.500 -600 its not available online you have to find it locally.

Graphics Card

If you want to play games add a Graphics card,

  • Zotac GT 710 2 GB DDR5  for 2400  
  • Zotac GT 730 2GB DDR5 for 5490


Share your views in comment section below and remember!! “you are excellent because you choose tecxllent” this is ansh ajay mishra and I am signing out


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