Hey readers, I am Ayush Sharma. Today we will talk about a Statement by the CM of Tripura.

The newly elected CM’s claims come a few days after another BJP leader had dismissed Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

They called the Taj Mahal a Vedic temple and we just played along. They tried substituting our Red Bull cans with cow urine and we decided to laugh it off. Not just that, they decided to dismiss Darwin’s theory of evolution altogether, calling it ‘scientifically wrong’ and we didn’t bat an eye. As luck would have it, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders seem to be in no mood to stop making ‘scientifically correct’ claims that just end up being laughing stock for Twitterati. Joining the bandwagon is none other than Tripura CM Biplab Deb who has proposed a new theory on the evolution of the Internet—saying that it has been present ever since the times of Mahabharata!

The newly elected Chief Minister took the stage to address a regional workshop on computerisation and reforms in Agartala and went on to make some rather hard to digest claims. “Internet and satellite communication had existed in the days of Mahabharata. How could Sanjaya (the charioteer of King Dhritarashtra) give a detailed account and description to the blind king about the battle of Kurukshetra? It means internet was there, the satellites and that technology was there in this country at that time,” Deb said.

As if that wasn’t enough, Deb also went on to boast of how India’s been at the forefront of making use of technology ever since, completely rejecting the contributions of pioneers such as Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee among others. With utmost sense of pride, Deb announced, “The Europeans and the Americans may claim that it is theirs, but it is actually our technology.” Guess characters in the Mahabharata knew about Make In India all along!

Deb’s statement comes a few days after Union Minister Satypal Singh discredited Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and said, “Darwin’s theory (of evolution of man) is scientifically wrong. It needs to change in the school and college curriculum. Since (the time that) man is seen on Earth, he has always been a man. Nobody, including our ancestors, in written or oral, said they saw an ape turning into a man.”Now that man has been in its present form ever since, as claimed by the Union Minister, Deb’s case only becomes stronger because who would want to live without the Internet anyway! Who cares if you’re in the Mahabharata, a daily dose of meme sharing and aimless Instagramming is a necessity. Period. Isn’t it?

Deb also used the platform to boast of his party’s active nature on social media by saying, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a big push to digitisation by making it accessible to citizens across the country. Modi has also familiarised the use of Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter among people,” reported Economic Times. Finally, being the funny man that he clearly is, Deb summed up like a boss and said, “We are an old culture and civilisation and we have been using technology for past several years. This is nothing new to us.”

We sincerely hope the maverick men and women who actually made the Internet what it is today don’t go into an existential crisis after reading this. However, there’s just one question that comes to our mind when we come across something like this: Where are you getting your stuff from, bro?

So, what you think about this? Simply share your thoughts in the comment thread below.

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