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Excellent people tecxllent welcome’s you so now we top 5 pc game of 2k18 so guys without wasting anymore time let’s go for it!!


FarCry 5 :-

We’re a quarter of the way through 2018, and already we’ve got plenty of games piling up in our collective backlog. This past March was a solid month, with our two Game of the Month picks narrowly edging out the mountain-region mayhem of Far Cry 5 as you clash with gun-toting cultists and fend off ferocious wildlife. Meanwhile, the hype for Sea of Thieves might’ve been a little overblown; at launch, its multiplayer pirate adventuring is good fun but lacks satisfying end-game goals. Episodic murder mystery The Council has potential with its strategic conversation mechanics, but the stilted interactions between NPCs left us a bit cold.

At the end of every month, we comb through all our recent reviews to find the two games that qualify as must-plays. Consider these games to be the highlights of the year thus far – and if you’re looking for something to play while you wait for the rest of the new games of 2018, these standout titles are a sure bet.


A Way Out :-

It’s rare that a game actually can’t exist unless you’re playing with a friend. Usually, co-op is this optional, sometimes tacked-on affair for bigger single-player games, like Far Cry 5 – but with A Way Out, it’s everything. You play as a pair of prisoners – Leo and Vincent – who are

looking to break out of the slammer and earn their freedom. Everything they do, you have to do with your co-op pal together. From breaking out, to fishing, or even playing Connect Four, every little action has been carefully created to make it feel like a shared experience. This isn’t just a co-op game – it’s the most innovative use of co-op gameplay to date, and if you want to go on an adventure with your buddy, this is the one to beat. Sam Loveridge.


Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (pubg) :-

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it’s more commonly known, is the archetype for the entire genre. Created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, who was previously known for his battle royale mode for the popular ArmA 2 mod DayZ, it’s PUBG that is responsible for the explosion of the genre in the past year

100 players jump out of a plane flying over a vast, deserted island, but only one can come out of it alive. In the various buildings, ruins and sheds spread across the landscape, weapons, equipment and armour can be scavenged, however finding them often means putting yourself at risk of being killed by other players in the process. Add in the constantly shrinking bubble that marks the playable space, and each round of PUBG is a tense, violent push to the centre of the map.

PUBG is slow and tactical. Players can be hiding in any window, behind any tree, or lay down in any bush, and so keeping yourself out of their crosshairs is the primary goal. Hearing a bullet fly past your head, but not being able to pinpoint where the shooter is, is one of the most anxiety-inducing situations a game can put you in, and PUBG loves to do that constantly.

PUBG is only available on PC and early access on Xbox One, while a surprisingly playable mobile version has recently launched too. If you’re looking for a more thoughtful approach to the genre than other games such as Fortnite, though, you can’t go wrong with PUBG. If you’re hoping to see that illusive “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!”


Fortnite :-

It seems impossible to emphasise just how humongous Epic Games’ Fortnite is right now. The mobile version is topping app store charts globally, and even data from January put the player count at a whopping 45 million. To say Fortnite is “a pretty big deal” would be a massive understatement.

Fortnite: Battle Royale, the free-to-play game mode currently available alongside a paid-for player-versus-AI Zombies mode, most closely follows PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ model. 100 players parachute onto an island, and must scavenge, loot and fight in a constantly contracting, deadly storm until only one person remains victorious.

Fortnite most significantly differs from PUBG in its construction mechanics: most things in the environment can be broken down into their base resources, which can then be used to quickly build walls and stairs. This not only opens up a whole new way to traverse the environment, but introduces tactical considerations such as sniper towers, laying traps, and quickly erecting cover while under fire.

If you’re wanting to get in to a Battle Royale game, right now Fortnite is the one to pick. Free on every platform, lively, colourful art style, and numerous updates and events are still ahead of it.


HiZi :-

If you had to define a “big three” of the battle royale genre, H1Z1 would be the very, very distant third to Fortnite and PUBG. Developed by Daybreak games, it, much like Fortnite, started off as a zombie survival game before branching out into a battle royale mode that eventually became a bigger pull than its original vision. And so H1Z1, a game named after a fictional zombie virus, has no zombies at all to speak of. That’s in the original game that has since been renamed to Just Survive.

H1Z1 is a bizarre game. It’s free-to-play like Fortnite, has the more realistic art style of PUBG, but it also goes off in its own direction in some ways as well. Most notably, it features an item crafting system, so extra loot found around the map can be deconstructed to be put towards crafting armour and weapons in a pinch.

The biggest reason to check out H1Z1, though, is its newest game mode, Auto Royale. It’s much like the normal squad-based battle royales, but every team must remain in a vehicle the entire time. The core idea is still the same – a constantly constricting map, airdrops of weaponry, everybody out to kill everyone else, but each match turns into a Mad Max-esque deathrace full of traps and explosions that no other game has replicated yet.

H1Z1 may not be the most popular or the best to look at, but it’s the only one that lets you drive a car off of a ramp, drop a bomb on another team and ride the explosion to safety.






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