PUBG Mobile/PC Tips And Tricks: 6 Tips To Become Pro From A Noob.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or Known as
PUBG is now available on every platform like
PC, Xbox One, Android and iOS. This is the most
popular game now a-days. This game has over
50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.
This game is all about to survive till the end.
Players can play as individual or as well as a
team. You can shoot your enemies with the
various guns other weapons in this game.
So if you are new to this game or want to know
about tips and tricks of this game then this
article is only for you. In this article we will tell
you about the tips and tricks you should follow
while playing PUBG on your device. So without
wasting time let’s get started –

1)Initial Landing

On spot initial landing is very important in this
game. So you have to choose your landing spot
very carefully. You have to land on the best loot
spots in game’s map. There are some particular
areas where you can find best weapons, armors
like power plant, military base and major towns
for your battle. But you are not alone at that
particular area most of the players will be
heading there in search of weapons and
After jumping from cargo you have to keep an
eye on other players which are heading to a
same location and avoid those areas like a
Always prefer those areas after jumping which
are had enough building or houses in the area
because of such weapons and armors.

2)Equipment First, Shoot Later

After landing your first priority have to look for
the Gears you can use in battle. First you should
search for the weapons and armors into nearby
buildings. You can find insanely powerful guns
like AWM sniper rifle, Ak46 etc and armors but
you are not only one hoping to grab the spoils.
The most important loot in the early stage of
battle is to get a decent weapon, armor, ammo
and backpack. By this you can have decent
weapons for killing enemies and for protecting
Armor is very important to get protected from
fires. Like backpack, body and head armor
there are number of level which is based on the
safety level. At first you will get access to level
first gear but you can upgrade your gear by
finding more.

Health related safety gear like first aid kit,
painkillers, bandages are also a priority for the
players. So to protect yourself from the fires
and other damages you should find these loots
in the early stage of the game.

2)Shoot When You’re in Range

If you want to play this as long as without get
killed then must have to shoot when you are in
range of your enemy. If you are not doing so
shooting free fire then you can’t survive long in
this game. You have to decide to shoot your
enemy or to hide your equipment. Unless you
will miss a chance to shoot your enemy if you
are free fire.
You have to choose right place which is not too
close or not too far to shoot your enemy. You
have make balance between you and your

enemy’s distance (if you are new to this game
and not perfect for the long shots)
Attachment like- assault rifles with scopes can
help you to extend the range of your weapons
which you are using. Sniper rifles can be used in
specific distant area. Shotguns can be used only
for the nearby area you can’t use them if you
are in the open field areas.

3)Checkout Map

If you are new to this game then it will take few
games to learn the map of PUBG. After getting
familiar, make sure to keep an eye on the mini
map which you can see on the display while
In this game the safe area is only in The Circle.
The circle will begin to shrink while playing if

you are outside of this circle for so long you will
eventually die.
Each new born circle will show on your map.
You always have to keep an eye on the map
because you have to be in cover where
possible. If you are watching map while playing
you already know where to go next.
If you are getting fires from your enemies just
check out the mini map. By this you will get to
know from exactly where it’s coming from. By
this you can have an eye on the location of your

4)Use Wheels Rather Than Legs

If you are in hurry and want to head
somewhere in the battleground then need to
have a vehicle.

You can find several vehicles in the cities and
on the main road in the PUBG game. There are
many players who are heading to get a vehicle
make sure that you are in safe zone.
Vehicles like motorcycle and buggy and k are
good to go somewhere in the battle, these
vehicle are fast too. But will get exposed if you
are using these vehicles. Larger vehicle like jeep
is really great from heading to a location. It is
bit slow but can carry your team mates too. So
you will have a large amount of protection if
you are using this vehicle.

5)Hide and Peek

PUBG always end up with the less number of
survived players who doing hide, peek and
shoot. If you are following this trick then your

survival time in this game will be long and if you
are not doing so you are going to die very soon.
If someone is approaching you from your back
then you are surely going die especially if you
are looking somewhere else. You have to keep
an eye on the mini map which will show you
about your surroundings. If you are in open
field must take advantage of the rocks and
sides of buildings to protect yourself from your
Always remap the controls you are going to use
in the battle. You can move around of your
HUD according to you, increase button size,
increase transparency and can reset the
settings too.

6)Communicate With Your Squad

PUBG allows users to communicate with the
teammates while playing. By the help of
microphone and speaker you can connect with
your squad. You can talk with your teammates
and make a plan to kill enemies really fast.
But to use this option you have to enable it
from settings – audio option. You can use apps
like Discord for the voice and chat purpose.

So this is our article for the Tips and Tricks of
PUBG. If you have something to suggest us then
comment in the comment section. If you liked
this article don’t forget to leave your feedback.


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