Good news for Apple users | New Patent


    The tech-giant Apple has bring some really good news for their users. It has received a new patent that will help protect iPhone users eyes. The patent seeks to save users’ eyes from ‘Luminescence Shock’.

    This can be caused when a device is turned on in the dark and the display is too bright for the surroundings. After few second, the display is said to find more appropriate settings and tones down brightness levels as per the environment around. However, in those few seconds only the damage is done by the super-bright display. It can lead to temporary vision impairment.

    However, Apple plans to make this possible without the use of ambient light sensor. In the patent filed in January 2007 with the USPTO, the company detailed how an iPhone screen can prevent “luminescence shock” without the help on ambient light sensor.The patent reads, that the screen of the iPhone would turn on at a reduced brightness level.

    This new feature will also prevent excess battery drainage of the smartphone. Presently, the company offers a Night Shift mode for some of the iPad and iPhone models which manages to reduce the brightness levels and prevent the eyes from getting strained.

     Recently, Apple introduced a robot called Daisy. The robot is designed to disassemble an iPhone in order to recover valuable components. The company claims that the disassembly robot Daisy is the most easy and efficient way to reclaim the valuable materials from iPhones. The robot is made using the Liam’s parts and is capable of disassembling nine versions of iPhone and sorting their high-quality components for recycling.
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