#3 Factful Friday | Water Computers??

Factful Friday

“Zdravstvuyte otlichno lyudi!” Hello excellent people! Don’t get confused. You will soon realize why I used Russian to greet you. We are back with our fact trivia series “Factful Friday” to leave to surprised. Before proceeding to #3 Factful Friday, have you read past Factful Friday articles? If not go now. Here You can find – #1 Factful Friday and #2 Factful Friday. So let’s begin #3 Factful Friday.

Factful Friday
#3 Factful Friday

In 21st century we all have access to computers and laptop very easily. And we have often experienced how our keyboard stops working if water is split over it. Electronic gadgets generally stops working if come in contact with water. But What if i tell you world has once witnessed a computer which runs on water ! Yes, you read it right. So what’s your reaction on this? Share your reaction using options given below. Coming back to the fact, the name of great innovator was Vladimir Lukyanov , a Russian scientist. Now you can figure out why I greet in Russian.



Vladimir Lukyanov


In 1936, Vladimir Lukyanov created something unusual. He used water to create a computer that solved partial differential equations. In images of the Lukyanov computer, you’ll see a complex system of interconnected tubes filled with water.

Factful Friday- Water computer
Lukynov’s Water Computer

By adjusting taps and plugs flow of water was changed which changed variables. The end result was seen by measuring the level of water in certain tubes. It was also called a Water Integrator. It was originally designed to solve the problem of cracking in concrete.


It’s now found in Moscow’s Polytechnic Museum. So if you want to have a look you will have to travel to Russia anyway!

So that was #3 Factul Friday. Hope you were surprised and enjoyed it. Also have a look at latest trending news section of our site to know current happenings of world. Share your views in the comment section below and let your friends also enjoy this fact series by sharing. Remember, You are excellent because you choose tecxllent. This is Rahul Ranjan, signing off!


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