#2 Factful Friday| Mobile phones and Urine |

#2 Factful Friday
#2 Factful Friday

Hello excellent people ! We are back to amaze you with our #Factful_Friday series. We assure you that every week you will get to know some really good facts related to technology and mobile phones which will leave you bewildered ! Let’s begin#2 Factful Friday.

#2 Factful Friday
#2 Factful Friday

Last week we surprise you with the fact that in Britain more than 1,00,000 mobile phones are dropped in toilet in a year. You may be wondering why people do not take care of their mobile phones. We have found the reason !

 In this era of technology, scientists have found a way to charge mobile phones using URINE! Yes, you read it right. We already have witnessed use of urine in Aamir Khan’s “3 Idiots” movie. But to use urine for charging mobiles surely shocked all of us ! And yes now we can figure out that Britishers might wanted to charge their phones. Otherwise no nation will drop 1,00,000 mobile phones into toilet .

That was the fact guys ! Share your views in the comment section below and remember you are excellent because you choose tecxllent ! This is Rahul Ranjan, signing off !



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