#1 Factful Friday| Japan’s 90% phones waterproof?? 1lac phones in toilet?

#2 Factful Friday
#2 Factful Friday

Hello excellent people ! Welcome to our brand new series – Factful Friday. We assure you that every week you will get to know some really good facts related to technology and mobile phones which will leave you bewildered ! Lets begin #1 Factful Friday.

Most of us take our smartphone with us when we go to toilet. You will be surprised to know that in Britain more than 1,00,000 mobile phones are dropped in the toilet every year ! Yes you read it right more than 1,00,000. Even then people use mobile phone whenever they go to toilet. Hmm..humans are really bad at learning from past mistakes.

Now second interesting part is more than 90% mobile phones in Japan are water proof ! So basically if Japan and Britain join hands then 1,00,000 of mobile phones can be saved every year ! That’s a big number !

That was the fact guys ! Share your views in the comment section below and remember you are excellent because you choose tecxllent ! This is Rahul Ranjan, signing off ! 



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